Tax Services for Los Angeles Clients

Maintaining tax compliance and minimizing tax liabilities requires year-round attention from a team of experienced, dedicated professionals.  LWI’s team of local tax accounting specialists offers the following LA Small Business Tax Services:

Our LA small business tax accounting experts have proven experience:

  • structuring transactions
  • allocating debts, taxable income & benefits
  • managing complex formation, allocation and distribution issues
  • identifying and utilizing ideal tax monetization strategies

Estimated Taxes

Improper estimated tax planning and preparation can result in significant and easily-avoidable IRS penalties.  LWI works with our clients to:

  • Process and make single estimated payments on infrequent real estate/investment events
  • Benefit from home/apartment office space credits
  • Remain timely and prompt in the payment of estimated tax obligations

Year-Round Tax Planning

Every year, Federal and State tax codes grow increasingly complex. New statutes and filing instructions require additional specialized education for effective tax planning and preparation.  Each of our highly-trained tax accounting specialists employ the latest tax-compliant techniques and practices. We work carefully to address sensitive areas such as charitable contributions, personal and corporate capital gains and medical/child care expenses. Our ultimate goal is to minimize tax stress and liabilities associated with year-end tax filing.

Individual Tax Returns

Small business owner tax returns are often closely related to those of their company. That’s why LWI offers individual tax preparation and filing.

We work diligently to account for:

  • capital gains losses/carryovers
  • industry-specific liabilities, investments, income and benefit situations
  • distributions and deductions
  • required reporting procedures

Let us help you minimize your tax burden. Contact LWI today at 866-496-2042 to schedule a free in-office small business tax consultation for your LA-based company.


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