Los Angeles Bookkeeping Services

Do you need help recording purchases, sales, receipts, payments, etc?

Are you too busy with other core business tasks to keep up with your bookkeeping?

LWI delivers a full range of LA bookkeeping services to local businesses. This includes everything from daily entries to reconciliations, AR and AP oversight to report preparation and more.

We boast both Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor status and Sage Intacct IAP certification. This allows us to ensure the ideal software fit for our clients.

And, because our LA bookkeeping services are billed at hourly rates, we can offer the optimal bookkeeping solution at an affordable price.


Solid accounting systems are built on the proper entry and tracking of each financial transaction. This daily ongoing task can require a significant amount of resources. That’s why working with an established LA bookkeeping firm such as Lescault and Walderman is a smart decision for local small-to-medium businesses. By outsourcing these time-consuming daily data entry duties, key business staff frees up time. This time can be better used to invest in more important management and operational functions.


Regular account statement, balance sheet and AP/AR reconciliations are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of an accounting system. Ideally, these reconciliations are performed by a third-party source. This helps to ensure the accuracy of a company’s financial data. It further validates the integrity of the accounting system used to manage that data.

LWI bookkeeping staff offers objective review and reconciliation services. We administer much-needed checks and balances, and deliver the transparency required for incorruptible financial oversight.


Our team of dedicated Los Angeles bookkeepers actively manages accounts receivables. We work to ensure the timely processing and collection of outstanding invoices. This fiscal accountability minimizes the risk of loss associated with bad debt. It also ensures more effective cashflow management.


Securing and managing credit are critical to the efforts of any growing organization. This requires diligent monitoring of accounts payable and timely payment of all debts. LWI has the discipline required to maintain and protect your financial reputation and credit-worthiness.

Our AP management services help us to negotiate more favorable financing arrangements with creditors. They also allow us to minimize and/or eliminate finance charges, penalties and late fees.


Balance sheet and P&L reviews can be very helpful. They help to identify a company’s financial strengths, AP/AR trends, budget effectiveness and forecasting accuracy. They also provide a quick snapshot of a company’s financial health. Our impartial, third-party balance sheet and P&L reviews offer invaluable financial oversight and operational perspective.

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