Professional Los Angeles Accounting Services

Ultimately, every successful business depends on timely and informative reports to make good decisions. They also need solid reports to communicate financial results with people outside the company.  Unfortunately, not every company has the financial resources to hire the staff to produce these reports. That’s why LWI offers complete LA accounting services to local small-to-medium businesses.

Our a la carte outsourced accounting services can help you:

Identify, Implement and Set Up the Right Accounting Information System
Forecast Quarterly Sales
Develop an Effective Budget
Ensure Sufficient Operating Cashflow

All of our services are billed hourly. We price each client according to their unique individual needs (without unnecessary retainers or bloated charges).

Our proven team of accounting specialists has years of experience serving a wide variety of industries. This repeated exposure helps us to provide the specialized insight and guidance to nearly any type of client.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting provides valuable and acute financial information. It does this through data organization and basic report creation. These reports connect managers, owners and investors. In addition, they help each party evaluate and communicate the company’s true financial health.

LWI’s Los Angeles financial accounting services start by reviewing and analyzing your financial data. This is done to ensure integrity and accuracy.

We then use the verified information to create public-facing financial statements. These statements can be used by both internal and external parties to review moment-in-time financial details.

Using GAAP financial accounting and reporting standards, we produce a wide variety of informative financial documents, including:

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Cashflow statements
  • Statements of retained earnings

Management Accounting

Management accounting identifies, evaluates, interprets and communicates financial data. It does this through the creation of budgets, forecasts and analysis reports. These documents provide company management with ongoing insight into business performance.

Our management accounting services start with a careful analysis of each client’s financial data. Once that data is validated, we prepare financial reports that help management make effective operational decisions. These strategy, performance and risk reports include:

  • Price models
  • Break-even/profitability analysis
  • Operating budgets
  • Sales forecasts
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Cost–benefit analysis
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Cost allocation


Without the proper forecasting tools and practices, businesses are forced to “fly blind”. This means guessing at operating income, ongoing expense levels and ultimate profitability.

Our sales and cost forecasting services provide important moment-in-time information and financial checkpoints. These helpful reports allow management to adjust and correct course before it’s too late.

As professional “number crunchers”, we have a unique appreciation for and understanding of the most effective forecasting tools and practices. We rely on these as an integral step along the success path we help our clients navigate.


Solid, well-conceived operating budgets are a critical component of business success. They impact everything from cashflow to profitability.

Unfortunately, young businesses lack the legacy information and experienced accounting professionals needed to identify and set realistic base amounts.  Thanks to years of applied budgeting experience, our Los Angeles accounting team can help. Our industry-wide legacy data enables  companies to “fill in the gaps” and develop a realistic and trustworthy budget.

Cash Flow Analysis

Another important area of focus regarding financial management is the careful and sustainable management of daily cash flow. Accurate forecasts and closely monitored budgets can go a long way to avoiding shortfalls and surpluses. However, contingencies and warning signals must also be identified to ensure the continual flow of this corporate lifeblood. That’s why LWI has been assisting companies with the identification and application of proper cash flow procedures and tools for more than a decade.

Accounting Information Systems

Choosing the right accounting software can have a major impact on the success of a company’s overall financial management and ongoing operational efforts. That’s why we’ve taken the time to select and partner with a few choice accounting platform solution providers. We’ve identified each partner’s unique strengths and understanding the ideal application of each platform.

When working with new clients, we start by carefully evaluating their industry, size and goals. Then we utilize our multi-industry experience and vendor relationships to design and implement a complete accounting information solution. For us, it’s critical that each of our proposed systems can serve both immediate and long-term needs.

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